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Grunzel — + -41 - — Jan. 13, 2011, 6:53 p.m.

From the database conversion script for Slash 1 to Slash 2 databases

If you lose your data, it is your problem, not ours.  I deleted all of
the data on http://use.perl.org/ while preparing this program.  However,
I had a backup ready to go (although I still lost about 12 hours of
data, and I feel like an idiot).  Back up your data on your Slash 1.0
database.  You have been warned.

Also, consider what happens if you have two Slash sites on one machine;
what if you give this program the wrong virtual user?  Perhaps you
just deleted a working site!  Back up any existing data on the target
database server, too.  See, even after writing this warning, I did this,
too, and typed "slash" as my virtual user instead of "useperl", and
I overwrote some of the existing database, and didn't have a backup
for some of it.  After that, I felt like a total moron.

This program does not write to your Slash 1.0 database, so you should
be fine, but there are no warranties, expressed or implied.  If you
are running a Slash site, you should be backing up your database
nightly anyway, right?

So backup all your data on both boxes, so you don't feel like a moron,
like me.
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