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XCondE — + -40 - — Oct. 17, 2010, 12:06 p.m.

On the linux 1.0 kernel scheduler (sched.c):

 *  'schedule()' is the scheduler function. It's a very simple and nice
 * scheduler: it's not perfect, but certainly works for most things.
 * The one thing you might take a look at is the signal-handler code here.
 *   NOTE!!  Task 0 is the 'idle' task, which gets called when no other
 * tasks can run. It can not be killed, and it cannot sleep. The 'state'
 * information in task[0] is never used.
 * The "confuse_gcc" goto is used only to get better assembly code..
 * Djikstra probably hates me.
asmlinkage void schedule(void)
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